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About Us

Knifefanshop has been a global trade company since 2017. We always provide high value home & living products at incredible prices while ensuring high quality service to our customers. We design, source, market and sell kitchenware, cookware, accessories and home & living products. We target our items to consumers through localized mobile and web platforms. We deliver from our warehouses in the US, Europe and China to nearly every country in the world.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, handling all requests directly in order to assure that all of our customers’ needs are met in a timely manner – and are treated right. Our great ratings reflect our commitment to both a quality product and overall customer experience.

Kids always want to have more time with their parents, and our kitchenware ignite our passion for food, family, friends and quality time spent together. Build memories by keeping your family time creative and enjoyable, doing housework, playing games, and doing sports together with them are great. High quality, green and practical houseware from Knifefanshop will make life more better and easier.


Knifefanshop is deeply dedicated to the ethical and humane production of every one our pieces. We will tolerate nothing less. Every supplier signs a binding letter of agreement to heed to the highest production standards, and we enforce those standards. We make no compromises in ethical production, and will correct any issues the moment we hear of them. Knifefanshop’s goal is to provide our customers with items that are ethically produced, high quality, fun, and well-priced.

We hope you enjoy your happy family love time in Knifefanshop!